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Terms and Conditions

Budget Weddings is required to receive a valid South Carolina marriage license before a legal wedding ceremony may take place. Obtaining a South Carolina marriage license is the sole responsibility of the client. Budget Weddings staff must be presented with a valid South Carolina marriage license on the date of a planned wedding. If you are unable to provide one, there will be no refunds.

Selecting and reserving a preferred wedding date well in advance is essential to secure availability. Purchases of wedding packages are non-refundable. Budget Weddings accepts full payment with Mastercard, Discover, and Amex, among other cards. Wedding details are arranged after full payment has been received by Budget Weddings.

Payment is required in full when booking wedding and vow-renewal ceremonies less than 60 days before the ceremony date, and within 24 hours of the booking. Full payments not received within 24 hours will result in the booking being cancelled and made available to other clients.

Deposits and booking fees are non-contractual and non-refundable. There are no refunds of any payments for changed dates or canceled weddings. Unpaid balances must be paid in full before Budget Weddings will reschedule ceremonies to different times or dates. All date changes must be within the same calendar year, not the next year. All payments are required to book and secure your wedding date and time. Client payments are applied to outstanding balances in full with regard to ceremonies that go forward as planned. Full payment must be received at least 60 days prior to the ceremony date, otherwise Budget Weddings may cancel the scheduled ceremony with no notice. All Payments received by Budget Weddings are non-refundable.

Directions to the location of the ceremony are provided by Budget Weddings on the wedding day. It is of utmost importance that all guests receive proper directions to the ceremony venue. Clients themselves should consider that Myrtle Beach is a busy tourist destination and plan to leave themselves extra time for preparation and travel. Guests do not appreciate being left waiting.

A range of standard vows are performed by the officiant, which generally run between 15 and 30 minutes. Ceremonies may not run longer than 1 hour.

Natural disasters, inclement weather, high tides, thunderstorms, acts of God, epidemics, pandemics, and site restrictions are not the responsibility of Budget Weddings. The time and or location of ceremonies may, at the sole discretion of Budget Weddings, be changed in order to accommodate beach ceremonies. All outdoor events, including wedding ceremonies, are at risk of experiencing inclement weather. Clients whose booked wedding ceremony occurs during a mandatory hurricane evacuation are provided with the opportunity to reschedule later that same year, not the next year. We strongly suggest you purchase wedding insurance to cover any expenses incurred due to the postponement or cancelation of your wedding. Refunds will not be issued.

For wedding ceremonies affected by inclement weather, Budget Weddings follows these policies:

Clients are offered the opportunity to choose a rescheduled date and time later that year, but not the next year, maintaining the details prescribed in the client's original contract.

Clients whose travel or other plans prevent the rescheduling of ceremonies that same year forfeit any and all payments. No refunds are provided.

Helpful Wedding-Planning Suggestions

·  Budget Weddings has found that wedding ceremonies booked during the mid-portion of visitors' stays to Myrtle Beach allow for the most flexibility for all parties.

·  Clients should avoid scheduling wedding ceremonies during the last day or last few days of their party's Myrtle Beach visit.

·  On the wedding day, it is imperative that cell phones are left on.

·  Wedding parties who arrive more than 30 minutes after their scheduled ceremony time face cancellation of the ceremony and complete forfeiture of their payments. Budget Weddings offers no refunds.

Digital images are provided to clients by Budget Weddings with a copyright release. Customers give Budget Weddings their permission to publish and use wedding-ceremony photographs in Budget Weddings advertising, promotional materials, social media, and websites. The Budget Weddings copyright release allows clients unlimited personal rights for reproduction and use. Clients may print, email, share, and publish photographs, so long as they are not used for commercial purposes, entered in photography contests, or used for any sort of financial gain, including advertising. Clients may not claim photographer credit for their photos. A contract with Budget Weddings for client images, copyrights, and reproduction and likeness rights belongs to Budget Weddings with no exceptions and zero limitations.

Digital wedding images are provided to customers on a flash card. Clients are provided a copyright release with this. Photo labs often require presentation of this release in order to print photographs.

Family members, wedding couples, other parties responsible, or agents who book with Budget Weddings, agree to the terms and conditions and to contract with Budget Weddings and endorse that they have read in full, reviewed, fully understand, and fully agree with the terms and conditions and the contract and all conditions laid out by Budget Weddings, regardless of the party who assumes fully responsibility for wedding-package payment(s).

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